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Contracts are the lifeblood of any business. Agreements with vendors, employees, landowners and customers are all contractual. Because contracts are at the heart of every agreement your business makes, it is important to have a legal team on your side that can help you review and draft contracts that are clear and effective, and help you resolve contractual disputes that arise.

At Applegate Fifer Pulliam LLC in Jeffersonville, our attorneys assist businesses throughout southern Indiana with all types of contracts. We handle a range of business and real estate contract matters, including contract negotiation, drafting and reviewing, as well as providing sophisticated contract litigation services.

Handling Business And Real Estate Contract Creation

Our attorneys handle commercial contracts that include:

  • Real estate contracts: Real estate contracts include purchase and sale agreements, contracts for deeds, leases, easements, title issues and powers of attorney.
  • Business and commercial contracts: Our lawyers handle all types of business contracts. From the initial operating documents to ongoing lease agreements, vendor contracts, employment contracts and other commercial contracts, our attorneys handle all of it.

In our contract creation services, we negotiate, draft and review for clients. By using our valued counsel, backed by experience, our clients are able to minimize the risk of disputes and litigation that can arise from confusion and breach of contract.

Contract Dispute And Litigation Services

In some cases, disputes cannot be avoided. In some cases, a party to the contract fails to perform according to the contractual agreement. Other cases involve a dispute over the legality of the contract itself or a disagreement as to the meaning of the contractual terms.

Commercial disputes can be like a two-edged sword for any business. On the one hand, losing a lawsuit is obviously destructive to a business’s finances and its reputation. On the other hand, there is another layer to the problem. Even if you win a case, if it is handled inefficiently or if the litigation is unnecessarily protracted, the winning case can still be financially disastrous for your company.

Our lawyers focus on handling our clients’ cases successfully and efficiently. We work hard to keep our costs reasonable, and we always keep our eye on the bottom line, to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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