Business Succession Planning

A Successful Transition Is Planned Well In Advance

It is counterintuitive to think about business succession when you are at the top of your game. The irony is that your options are often limited if you wait until you are approaching retirement. It takes time to develop in-house options. How to incentivize long time employees that might be successors can be tricky. Not to mention the challenges presented in valuing a closely held business and protecting your interests if you are bought out over time. At Applegate Fifer Pulliam LLC, our attorneys want to be part of your team, a trusted advisor helping you tackle this difficult task. Let us share with you successful strategies our clients have employed and lessons that we have learned by witnessing others' failures. You have worked hard to build your business. If you are like a lot of our clients, your business is your nest egg. Make sure you are giving it the attention it deserves so that it may continue to serve you well in the future.

Family And Business

At Applegate Fifer Pulliam LLC, we are well aware of the interesting dynamics involved in family-owned businesses. Whether it is the friction caused by the next generation who thinks they can do things better or the problems that result from perceived unfairness or disagreements between siblings, we have experienced it from all sides. Our attorneys help clients formulate exit strategies and draft shareholder and buy-sell agreements. The best of intentions and honoring mom or dad's wishes may be an invitation to disastrous results. When conflicts arise, we help parties mediate and litigate disputes. If you have a family business, our goal will be to help you establish clear expectations, define roles and if things are not working, to provide you with mechanisms for family members to get away from each other and hopefully preserve their preexisting relationships.

Professionals Need Help Too

Practice groups of professionals in business tend to present their own unique challenges. Our lead attorney in this area, Keith Pulliam, has experience working with doctors, CPAs and lawyers. He will listen to you and make suggestions tailored to your specific needs.

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